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Fab Lab Cockermouth is a place where anybody can make virtually anything. It is a digital fabrication workshops which is set up to give people a place to design and make and to inspire and educate. It is open to young people, adults, businesses, engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs. The idea was conceived by renowned scientist and inventor Neil Gershenfeld from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are Fab Labs opening across the world and we are lucky enough to have a Fab Lab here in West Cumbria. It has two bases; one in Cockermouth on Derwent Mills Commercial Park and one at the West Lakes Academy in Egremont.


The Fab Lab offers a range of equipment and machines to stimulate creativity and imagination. This includes a 3D printer, table top CNC milling machine, a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, large bed CNC router and much more. To come to the Fab Lab is free, you just pay for machine hire and materials. The idea is to guide the interest and curiosity of youngsters and adults. To help understand design and technology and enable them to create, becoming the inventors, engineers, designers, makers and entrepreneurs of the future.


Well, really just about anything, including robots, electronic devices, creative art and craft work, jewellery, furniture – you just use your imagination!




We help the business community with 2D and 3D design and digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping.


We are lucky enough to have sponsorship from the John Fisher Foundation to run a free schools engagement programme in Allerdale and Copeland.


You can book a time slot on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday by sending a message to   This will enable you to use the Lab for designing and making your own projects.

The whole process, from concept to receipt of tooling, took less than three weeks. Conventional methods would not have been economically viable and would have taken more like three months. The 3D print technology helped, but it was the service and support from Fab Lab Cockermouth that made this project happen.

Chris Ward

Managing Consultant, PDCA Consulting Ltd.

Fab Lab provided a very prompt, efficient and cost-effective service. It was great to be able to pop into the Fab Lab and watch my prototype product being made – we’re so lucky to have this kind of facility right here on our doorstep.

Sally Phillips

Owner, Chimney Sheep

If I hadn’t had Fab Lab to rely on, I’m certain this project would have struggled to meet the high standards we strived for within the client’s budget. Having had the attentive and thorough support and tuition on the equipment available at Fab Lab, I’m confident in their capabilities. This has fed into my work ever since and will do so into the future.

Pippa Murray

Owner, Other Works


Fab Lab Cockermouth offers a range of equipment and machines to stimulate creativity and imagination. This includes a 3D printer, table top CNC milling machine, a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, large bed CNC router and much more. To come to the Fab Lab is free, you just pay for machine hire and materials.


If you can use a computer to draw in 3D you can use this machine to print your product. The 3D printer is easy to operate you just send it to print and wait until the prototype is done. Then you will need to remove the support material by hand or in a special bath. You can always work on it a bit more to sand it or paint it.

Model: Stratasys (Dimension sst 1200es)

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The Ultimaker 2 has the quickest build time of any of our 3D printers.

Model: Ultimaker 2

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The Epilog laser is a laser cutting machine which also has a very powerful raster mode for engraving and etching designs.

Model: Epilog (Epilog Mini/Helix)

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Our CNC Router can be used to make  furniture, large 3D moulds and architectural models.

Model: ShopBot PRS alpha 144

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The vinyl cutter is designed for the fast cutting of light flexible materials and can be used to make signs, t-shirt transfers, stickers, masks and flexible circuit boards.

Model: Roland GX-24 camm-1 servo

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This machine is really easy to use and it compatible with many popular 3D CAD software programs. The MDX-20 is an scanning and milling device, perfect for a variety of product design tasks.

Model: Roland Modela MDX-20

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iModela is a revolutionary new 3D craft tool that turns digital ideas into solid reality.

Model: Roland iModela

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In this section you can find open source software you can use to design 3D and 2D products. All of these software’s are used in the Fab Lab, we have included download links and tutorial guides for each of the softwares listed to help you get started.


Inkscape is an open source image editing software which is free to use.

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Designspark Mechanical

Design spark mechanical is an open source 3D/2D software

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GIMP is a photo editing software which is open source and free to use

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AutoDesk 123d design

AutoDesk 123d design is a free 3D modelling software, which is great if you are starting out in the 3D modelling world.

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cajon drum fab lab cockermouth

“Ready, Steady, Make”, a Cajon Drum

Saturday 9th April 2016, 9.30am – 4.00pm

In this workshop you get to make and play your own customised cajon drum using our ShopBot ‘CNC’ router and our laser cutter. We have music experts from the Sage Gateshead to teach us how to drum in the afternoon session and hopefully get to record a track.

Cost: £60 VAT inc.

laser cut lamp fab lab cockermouth

“Ready, Staedy, Make”, a Laser Cut Lamp

Saturday 16th April 2016, 9.30am – 12.30pm

Our “Ready, Steady, Make” courses are a quick and sharp introduction course where you get to use our computer controlled machinery in the Fab Lab. You will be learning by doing hands-on and it is a great way to get you started making using technology.

In this workshop you get to make a customized lamp using our laser cutter.

Price: £25 VAT inc.


Fab Lab Summer School 2016

August 2016

We will be running two week-long Summer Schools courses in August 2016; the first one will run from Monday 8th to Friday 12th of August and be for those aged between 8-11 years old. The second summer school will run from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th of August and be for kids aged between 12-16 years old. Maximum numbers will be 10 people, so we need you to book in quickly so you don’t miss the chance of a great week for your kids where they will be learning how to make cool and fun things in the Fab Lab!

Cost: £120 inc. VAT and materials


Liberté Egalité  Rabbité 

                  This very well could the fluffy revolution. Why? Because when one has he opportunity to build a giant rabbit, one builds a giant rabbit! (especially if Hannah Reid has anything to do with it!). Humans have... read more


Buy your Star and show your support for 2015 flood victims and raise funds for Cumbria Community Foundation Decorative Stars made from recycled materials have gone on sale across the county to raise funds for the 2015 Flood Relief Appeal run by Cumbria Community... read more

Sievert Hound

Alternative to the usual hound application for finding explosives or narcotics, this one seeks radiation…how? Nuclear history has had a bad past rep. So its now up to specialist companies to man the proverbial mop and find a way to bring whats left of  3 mile... read more


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